About Us

Petite PET INN & SPA opened its doors to serve our very special guests in the spring of 2006. After 4 years of looking for the best location, 3010 Hilliard Road was chosen as the site of a new concept in boarding.

Boarding, for small dogs only, in an enriched environment better suited to the needs of small dogs. Our little fellas hold an extra special place in our lives. Size does matter! 

Many small dog breeds are not equipped to handle excessive cold or heat, so a regular doggie daycare where dogs remain outside in all weather except for the extremes, just won't do

Size also matters when dogs play with each other. It matters not that your friends golden retriever plays nice with your chihuahua at home. Injuries and worse to small dogs at large dog daycares is rampant. Not because the large dogs are aggressive but because the size difference contributes to accidental injuries. 

Size also plays a part in predatory behavior. Many larger breeds see something tiny run by and pure instinct kicks in and the brain concludes "Bunny!" and before they even know what they are doing they chase - grab - shake and the tiny dog is injured. The dog is not to blame, the circumstance that brought them together is.

Many small dog owners worry so much about this (and rightly so) that they never go anywhere they can't take their dog with them. The only option is to press friends and relatives into service when they are available. Even hiring an in home pet sitter has its problems, loneliness and separation anxiety being just two. 

Petite PET INN & SPA is the solution for so many small dog owners. We only accept dogs under 25 lbs or under 13” tall for daycare and boarding. Your dog must meet one of those criteria. Occasionally we make a special exception for  older, blind, or injured dogs that are slightly out of those bounds, but only if that particular dog is slow and calm enough not to be an accidental danger to even the smallest dog. 

We pride ourselves on:

  • our superior track record
  • our cleanliness
  • our loving employees
  • our attention to detail


  • our personal attention to your dog.

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