The Facility

panorama of the Petite Pet Inn lobby

 Front Desk Reception Area

Photo of the Petite Pet Lounge with sofa and piano

Inside we have Piddle Pads in the couch potato lounge for our guests that are trained to use them and for our more incontenent guests that couldn't possibly wait for the hourly potty break outside. We clean up accidents inside just like you do at home, using paper towels and Genuine OdoBan sanitizing spray.

Photo of employee on sofa with 4 small dogsPhoto of our glass block wall



We poop scoop constantly outside to prevent odor, feces eating, and romps through the stuff. We also use that opportunity to access the health of our guests. Since they can't tell us, we use the state of their poop let us know who is not feeling well, and then take the necessary steps when needed. 

Photo of our custom made circular gate around the front door. Made by Randy Jackson

Redundant Fencing surrounds each entrance and exit to prevent our very important guests from slipping out. Our signature fencing at the entrance was handcrafted by Richmond's own Randy Jackson. His business name… "Steel Standing"!

Photo of a chihuahua with a Puppy Bumper on

We use Genuine Puppy Bumpers to prevent even our tinyiest guest from slipping through our already tight fencing! Puppy Bumpers were invented by Richmond's own Ann Price, a client of Petite Pet Inn & Spa

photo of our landscaped backyard with bamboo fencing and rock wall

While pretty to look at, our bamboo fencing in our landscaped backyard serves to prevent our guests from climbing out. We sanitize everything outdoors, (even the real grass) with safe, gentle and effective genuine WysiWash. Even our interior floors are mopped daily with it. And all dog toys are sanitized with WysiWash regularly to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.

At Petite Pet Inn & Spa, your dog's health, both mental and physical comes first. A happy dog is less stressed and less stress translates into less disease. So along with all our sanitizing efforts we aim high to provide a homelike environment, as much as we can, to promote your dog's mental well being along with your dog's physical well being.

We believe Happiness and Health go hand in hand. 

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