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Remarkable Doggy Day Camp Success!

It’s been wonderful, getting to know and work with all the dogs that signed up for our very first Doggie Day Camp! We have one more week left and we have already seen tremendous progress!

The dogs and trainers have had a good time and most importantly the owners have noticed positive changes in the dogs at home and on walks, even though we haven’t really told them what we have been working on!

We believe in enriching a dog’s life by helping them to learn new things and broaden their horizon. So much confidence is gained by each participant, by trying new things and building skills using positive reinforcement methods. 

For instance, one dog came to us so shy he was unwilling to make any eye contact, unwilling to participate, unwilling to even eat treats. He would stiffen if touched and shy away if he could. After only 3 weeks (really only 6 training days) this same dog is not only making eye contact but sitting on cue, downing on cue and getting on and in just about any prop we put in front of him. And more importantly his tail is up and wagging and there is a brightness in his eyes that was not there before. 

Or how about another shy dog that is being trained to do agility by the owner but is terrified of doing the teeter totter. She hates anything that moves under her feet. She now happily rides a blanket around the room, and just the other day brought tears to my eyes by jumping onto a pilates disk for the very first time! Its not only a strange object to her but it moves as well! It was such a break through and she offered that behavior on her own! 

When working with fearful dogs such as the two above it doesn’t seem like much to say the dog put their feet on a new object, but to a fearful dog that is the same thing as a human conquering his/her fear of spiders or snakes. Its a real big deal. And its a life changer for that dog. Their life has just been made a little bit less scary. 

We are also finding out that the confidence that they are getting around strange objects and the few little english words they are learning (like sit and down) spills over into the rest of their life. And this is what the owners are noticing. 

This coming Saturday is our first transfer session with the owners of these remarkable dogs and I can’t wait to share with them our journey!

First Post

The Secret, Social Lives of Bacteria

     Welcome to Petite Pet Inn's very first blog!  Oh I have all sorts of things I would love to write about and can't wait to get started.  First things first. As you will notice, I have chosen to make my very first blog about "The Secret, social lives of Bacteria". Why you ask? Because knowledge is power. I believe that our health and especially the health of the animals in our lives is extremely important. While we may have a choice as to what we put in our mouths and on our bodies and the chemicals we surround ourselves with, our animals, pets or livestock, do not. So it is imperative that we educate ourselves so we can better take care of the animals in our care. 

Bonnie Bassler speaks about Bacteria at a Ted Conference 


      So what does any of that have to do with Bacteria?  Well as you will discover from Bonnie's talk we are MADE OF BACTERIA. We are more bacteria than human. Ok, I know, hard to swallow that one, but its true. Ok,... so still what does that have to do with our pets?  Well, you know the old saying "You are what you eat",  turns out it was not just a cute saying, its fact. Your gut and your pet's gut is a living factory of all sorts of bacteria that we cannot live without. Let me say that again - WE CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT THEM. 

     At Petite Pet Inn we see all sorts of skin issues, hair issues, allergy issues and many other health issues due to diet.  Most regular pet owners have no idea what they are really putting into the body of their pets. Most of us rely on advertising, price, pretty packages, loyalty to a brand, well meaning advice from friends, or well meaning advice from veterinarians. You can read the ingredients on a bag of food but what does it all mean?  

     In this day and age of instant gratification, via the internet, there is no reason not to be informed as to what goes into your pets bag of food, except for time. These days who has the time to do any research? - so we rely on tried and true favorites or a best guess. I want to help you in this matter. I think it is vitally important to give our pets the best nutrition we can afford and that does not mean purchasing the most expensive dog food! In many cases price is not an indication of quality or nutritional value. And besides, every dog or cat is different and has different nutritional needs. I'm here  to help you discover your pet's optimum nutrition. That is a great way to help reduce Veterinary bills (sorry to all the veterinarians out there) and to help ensure your pet continues to enjoy a long healthy life.

     Take 18 min. and listen carefully to this inciteful woman. Ask yourself a few questions regarding what you feed your pet such as:

  • What ARE the ingredients in the food I feed my pet?
  • How do these ingredients contribute to the actual health of my pet?
  • What does my pet need to optimize healthy gut bacteria?
  • Is there anything missing from what I feed my pet?
  • How do the medications I give my pet affect normal gut flora?

     These are just a few of the questions you could ask and in my upcoming posts. I hope to help you understand a little better, just what you could do differently when feeding your pet.

     Your homework assignment - Write down all the ingredients in your pets food from the label on the bag. Then if you have time use WIKIPEDIA.ORG or GOOGLE.COM to find info on each one. Thats all … Just look them up and read about them. Then stay tuned for the following blogs!

     P.S. Just a thought, you may wish to think about what you eat too. After all, you want to stick around so you can see to it your pet does too.

     So what are you waiting for - get listening - I promise it won't hurt….

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