There are several marked differences that set our daycare apart from other facilities.

  • Daycare is for dogs 25 lbs or 13" and under
  • Comfortable furniture for dogs to hangout on
  • Large indoor play areas
  • Large outdoor play areas
  • Dogs play inside unless the weather outside is lovely
  • Indoor play groups go out to potty every 1.5 to 2 hours to help your dog stay housebroken
  • Piddle pads available for dogs that use them
  • Water available in every room a dog could possibly be in
  • Dogs are allowed to follow us from room to room
  • Outdoor play areas are stimulating with landscaping and various surfaces
  • Plenty of toys, not just tennis balls
  • Real grass as well as artificial turf
  • All outdoor areas sanitized daily including the real grass
  • Our chaparons stay with the dogs for human contact.
  • We DO turn away predatory and true dog/dog aggressive dogs. They have no place here.
  • Daycare dogs play or hangout all day from 7am to 7pm, we don't crate daycare dogs. 

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