Doggie DaySchool

NEW! Doggy DaySchool!

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What is Doggy DaySchool?

Doggy DaySchool is a type of structured daycare where we train your dog for you. We take only a limited number of  students a day. We limit the size of doggie students to 35 pounds and under. Your dog’s day will be filled with Positive Reinforcement training, exercise, and socialization. 

We DO NOT USE Electronic Collars for training! 

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Who can attend?

Dogs and Puppies over 12 weeks of age with 2 sets of vaccinations. All dogs must be under 35 lbs. Our facility is not appropriate for larger dogs. All male dogs over the age of 5 months must be neutered. 

We like to say we “teach them English”. So start your puppy early for best results learning “our language”. 

How will my dog spend the day?

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We like to tell people that we teach them “ English”. They will spend the day learning the english words for basic manners, obedience, and social skills, to tricks, nose work, and impulse control. They will learn new behaviors and sharpen old ones. There will also be plenty of time for socialization and potty breaks outside. Additionally we plan on several excursions about the neighborhood to practice some of the skills learned at DaySchool. 

How do I know what you are teaching my dog? Can I practice at home?

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We will take a history of your dog when you enroll.  That gives us information about your dog so we have somewhere to start with our training. Each day we email you with some of the exercises and training we did that day, as well as any suggestions for what you can do at home. Group transfer sessions will be scheduled once a month. This FREE group “class” is open to every owner of every dog currently enrolled in DaySchool. There is no limit to the number of times currently enrolled students can attend. It is also open to past clients of Doggie DaySchool at a reduced rate. Private Transfer Sessions are available for a fee to any owner wishing a little more one on one information or help with training at home. We let you know when a new skill is suitable for practice at home.  We will be working hard to proof your dog’s new skills and ensure the skills transfer to you.  Transfer sessions help you to maintain your dogs new skills.

When Can we get started?

Right Away! We have several options for enrolling in DaySchool!  

1.) Purchase a “DaySchool Passport" and then schedule the days your dog will attend. It’s that simple! This is the recommended choice, as you are assured of getting your dog into the program on the days that work best for you. We recommend scheduling at least twice a week. This is perfect for those that wish to make quicker progress with their dog’s training. 

Or you can choose:

2.)  To "Drop In” . This is the less preferred method as you "Take A Chance" that our DaySchool is full for the day. However, this is perfect for past DaySchoolers that want a refresher or for those wishing for a more structured daycare for their dog. However, there is no guarantee that we will have room on any given day. Preference will always be given to students in our DaySchool Passport Program.

In addition we offer:

3.) “DaySchool Add-On” where you can just add-on one short DaySchool session with one of our trainers to a session of regular daycare. We would then pull your pup out of regular daycare and work with it one on one for about 15 min. on a basic lesson of your choice. Then they would re-enter regular daycare. 

How much does it cost?

The fee for Doggy DaySchool is $40 per day, when purchasing a DaySchool Passport and $45 per day for drop-ins. A DaySchool Add-On is an additional $10 added to a regular full day of daycare.  

To make good progress with training we strongly recommend your dog attend at least twice a week. Remember, we can only accept a limited number of students per day, so purchase a passport and make those appointments ahead of time. 

We need at least 24 hrs notice to cancel a DaySchool session otherwise a Passport punch will be forfeit or a charge for the missed session will be placed on your account. 

Call 804-622-1556 to enroll today!

Put yourself in our computer system! CLICK HERE

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  • All dogs must be current on Rabies (puppy exception), Bordetella, Distemper, Parvo
  • This Doggy DaySchool is for Campers under 35 pounds!
  • Puppies must be 12 weeks of age and have had 2 sets of vaccinations
  • Males must be neutered if over 5 months of age. 
  • Hours for drop off 7am to 9am
  • Hours for pickup 4pm to 7pm
  • Please don’t drop off earlier nor pickup later. We start School promptly at 9:00
  • Late pickup fee of $20 will be charged for any late pickups, no exceptions
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