Petite Pet Inn Is your place for Grooming! How are we different you ask?

  • We have 3 groomers with 3 distinct grooming styles, something for everyone!
  • All our groomers handle your dog from start to finish, no assembly line here!
  • We have security video cameras focused on the grooming tables, for review if ever necessary.
  • We use a Groomers Helper safety device on each table, for your pets safety.
  • We use a state of the art Snyder Dryer to safely help us dry your dog. 
  • We use a state of the art Prima Encore bathing system to throughly clean your dog. 
  • Your dog does not have to be stuck in a crate all day long if you choose our daycare option.
  • While we specialize in small dog grooming we do accept in/out appointments for large dogs.
  • We have a program or class to help groom phobic dogs called “Table Manners”
  • We can teach you how to groom your own dog to save you money!
  • We can teach you how to properly prepare your dog for grooming so you can save money!

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