Becoming a Petite Pet Inn family member is as easy as 1 2 3 4! 

1. Enter yourself into our system directly online! We use PetExec software and you can create your own account and add yourself to our computer system by 


This is necessary in order for us to take grooming appointments or class registrations. 

2. Read the Things you need to know page.

3. Download and print or digitally sign any applicable contracts and email, fax or hand carry them in.

4. Have your Vet fax over your vaccination records to 804-482-2892  

Add yourself to Petite Pet Inn on Patterson

(go to Hilliard’s website to add yourself to them)

Things You Need to Know

Boarding/Daycare Contract

Grooming Contract

Doggy DayCamp Contract

Doggy DayCamp Questionaire

Printable Application (if you can’t fill out the online version)

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