You guys did an awesome job! Speedy was awesome!

Speedys Mommy

Doing a great job. Thanks for taking care of Kali and Kingston. 

T. Steverson

Excellent Grooming job every time!

A. Yancey

Janet, Maddies cut was great! She looks fabulous!

K.  Thanavaro

The Best Place! The Best Groomers! The Only Place for my child! 

V. Lindsey

Very pleased with grooming on Bryce. He will liet Donna do anything to him - me not so much - Bryces trim was excellent. Bryce loves Donna! 

S. DeCheubel

Your staff is always so courteous and friendly. It is easy to get an appointment with a groomer. Maggie always looks so nice after being at Petite Pet Inn. Thanks

J. Ficklin

We have a rambunctious Little Terrier (Silky) who is groomed by Donna. I am so grateful that she listens to how I would like Nick groomed. I am always so pleased. Kudos to you Donna and Thanks!

P. Cunningham

Sasha was great when she got home. Her care was excellent. 

S. Cohen

Sully looked so handsome and smelled Great! Excellent Job! Looking forward to our next visit.     

R. Moss

This was Mackenzie"s first grooming with a professional. She can be quite a handful but Donna handled her very well! MacKenzie was so beautiful and smelled so good when I picked her up. Very happy with services.  S. DeCheubel

Dear Janet, Jessies groom on Wednesday was perfect! #5 comb body #4 comb head, #7 inside ears and shortened ears!  Thank you!

P. Sauls

My dogs Kobi and Ace always enjoy their stays at Petite Pet Inn. You all always pay personal attention to my fluffs which I really appreciate. 

S. Smith

Thanks for taking care of Sampson. He looks so handsome. Great Job! Thanks Again!

C. Biourn

Hi! My mom said I was fantastic when I got home & everything came home with me! My mom says Petite Pet Inn always greets us both warmly and goes above and beyond. I know I love it here! Thanks !

V. Brooks

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